Ten Most Savage Jokes Made In The Hit Series Rick And Morty


  1. Rick and Morty very skillfully manage to make the darkest and most disturbing things so funny that you can’t stop yourself from laughing. One cannot deny that Rick and Morty is absolutely genius. 

Ten most savage jokes made in Rick and Morty

    1. The time when Summer channeled the ultimate spirit of Johnnie Cochran in order to escape from being prosecuted will forever remain hilarious. She says, “If you think my top is cute, you cannot execute” what’s savage is that it worked. 
    2. Rick’s escape plan for Morty was funny as he asks Morty to concentrate and turn himself into a car(since rick has installed a chip in his bloodstream that can reboot him into a car). While he’s doing so, a taxi arrives, and about 5 minutes later, Morty turned into a vehicle in his classroom. 
    1.  Rick’s philosophy on love is just as savage as his personality and equally funny. He advises Morty to break the cycle of marriage and love as it is just a chemical reaction, and at first, it hits hard and later fades away. 
    2. Rick’s treatment when it comes to dealing with stupid people is blunt. He goes, “I’m sorry summer, your opinion means very little to me” his honesty is worth a laugh. 
    3. The time when Rick said that if he wanted to see someone throw their life away, he’d hang out all day with Jerry. One of the most savage burns in the series yet. 
    4. Another savage joke is when in one of the episodes, Principal picks up the phone and says, “Principal Vagina, don’t let the name fool you. I’m very much in charge”. 
    1. The series also simplified the meaning of life in a rather funny way. Saying, “No one exists in purpose, and No one belongs anywhere, everybody is going to die, come, let’s watch TV.” 
    2. This one shouldn’t even be explained; why does anyone drink? “To get riggety riggety, wrecked son.”
    3. Most of the people won’t even remember this one, but it is the trademark of the series. Rick is sloshed almost all the time, and there’s just something about the way he burps that makes the audience laugh. Every single damn time. 
    4.  Anytime Rick breaks the fourth wall, it’s hilarious, but when the duo meets scary terry him breaking the fourth wall is even more savage as he does it in the middle of danger.

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